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Urban Art Forms

Urban Art Forms

Is graffiti an art form? The visual expression of contemporary street culture.

Urban Art Forms — Art or Vandalism? Often provocative, urban street art aims to depict the problems of our society. This form of primal self-expression has become a collective event in our history and continues to shape our understanding of modern art.

Modern Street Art

An unimaginable variety of hues, tints and shades, all in the hands of contemporary artists. With recent advancements in both chemistry and the production industries, modern street art can be as vibrant, as its provocative nature drives it to be.

Modern street art is a relatively young form of visual art but nonetheless powerful. If we consider the overall amount of any content currently being created in all formats. Well. It is simply overwhelming.

There are countless trends and styles fading into nothingness shortly after their arrival. And some are just lucky to grab the spotlight for a short while. Considering all the above, street art not only appears to be staying in for a while, but it also became an industry.

Considering all the above, street art not only appears to be staying in for a while, but it also became an industry.

The Internet’s rapid growth and popularity back in the 90s played a crucial role in the development and spread of the different urban art forms.

Internet had just become the place where people can share and see visuals that were not possible anywhere else in the real world. Many of them got branded together for the first time a decade later under the label of ‘street art’.

Art or Vandalism?

No matter in which one you believe, graffiti will remain an integral part of our urban lifestyle. Tagging the surroundings, which by itself is leaving a piece of your creativity and existence onto a surface, is one of the most vibrant and primal acts of self-expression. The will to embed yourself onto the city streets.

On this not too thick, but very impactful, background is that modern street art gains its true value and recognition as a newborn style of the modern digital generation.

Often illustrated in a provocative manner that aims to narrate your attention to the various problems of our society. With slow, but steady growth, they all became to form a collective event in the history of our modern civilization.