There are no wrong colors

Save hours from testing palettes and dedicate more time to what matters - your work.

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Explore a full spectrum of choices

Go on a journey that introduces all colors and learn to utilize their tints and shades. With abcofcolors, you will get a true grasp over the interaction with different hues.

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Search by color or emotion

We have gathered the foundation of how colors affect the human mind. No matter your creative field, a gallery of psychologically backed palettes will be at your fingertips. Distinct paragraphs and immersive visualizations will portray the emotions behind each color.

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Find the perfect palette

Solid groundwork precedes success. Save hours of searching for the ideal palette and achieve visual identity that will earn you trust with an app crafted to speed up your workflow. The core pallet behind each emotion is your perfect new beginning on the road to masterful usage of colors, defining you and your message.

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Edit to match your project needs

abcofcolors is the first color app providing practical examples that show the relationship between colors. Swipe through our collection of templates to see how your palette will look in different scenarios.

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Export for yourself or Share with your team

Exporting your palettes in either a .png or .pdf format is a tap away as well as sharing them with your friends or team.

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Well, whether you are a Web or Game Developer, a Marketologist, a 3D Artist, an Interior, Fashion, Industrial or Graphic Designer, a Cinematographer, a Prodigy that fits all the above or simply a color enthusiast, then the abcofcolors was made exactly for you!

As much as we want to offer the app to everyone, it is currently only available for iPhones and iPads, but we will strive to expand onto Android as soon as possible.

I don’t know, can you? You may try it:

Save hours from color prototyping

Reduce time spent on testing palettes and dedicate more to what really matters - your work.