The human eye has evolved for 541 million years and there yet to be a modern resource solely dedicated to our vision.


Creating a digital space with all the necessary information about colors, their psychological effects and possible application.

Simple and easy app that reviews the essence of each and every color.


A full spectrum of choices

Ray is the first mobile encyclopedia displaying colors as they are. It gives you real world examples that expose the essence of light, darkness and visible colors. The full spectrum showcased in its natural order. A minimalistic and vivid atmosphere will be just the beginning of your journey.

Light & Darkness
Visible Spectrum

An app designed to introduce colors in their natural order. Learn to distinguish tints and shades from all the visible wavelengths.

+ color summary

+ dominant shades

+ thirteen galleries


An exhibition of color and emotion.

Ray has gathered the foundation of how colors affect the human mind. No matter the piece of spectrum you choose, a gallery of its psychological effects will be at your fingertips. Distinct paragraphs and immersive visualizations will portray the emotions behind each color.

Refference & Inspiration

Give your sight a dose of diversity with the first spectrum gallery. Short, follow-up passages will guide you trough the positive impact of colors.

+ color harmony

+ swipe navigation

+ immersive visuals


A life of imbalance.

Harmony of the mind is your biggest strength and Ray was meant to preserve it. Understand the negative effects of each and every color. Break free from the burdens of the visual with deep psychological references. Ray will shed light on your darkest emotions.

Know your past.

Inappropriate use of colors is repulsive to the mind. There are no wrong colors, only wrong hands.

+ mental impact

+ color disharmony

+ emotional pitfalls


The artist's handbook.

Solid groundwork precedes success. Save hours of searching for the perfect palette and achieve visual identity that will earn you trust. Ray was crafted with the idea to enhance your work. Times change, colors remain expressive.

The Essence of Visual

The core pallet behind each emotion is your perfect new beginning on the road to masterful usage of colors, defining you and your message.

+ HEX codes

+ five main tons

+ color palettes