We are creating a digital space with all the necessary information about colors, their psychological effects and possible application. To portray human vision in an era of digital misinformation.

The project gathers handcrafted articles about colors, history and visual culture in one dedicated place.

Color Vol. 1

The first volume observes colors from a scientific perspective. It offers an in-depth look at what we see with our eyes, and the nature behind it. It is a collection of discoveries and principles in physics that shaped our understanding of light.

Psychology Vol. 2

What we see each day deeply affects our lives. The second volume represents a stepping stone towards personal empowerment. For you to develop a strong mentality through the fundamentals of psychology. To question the uncertain and evolve.

Palette Vol. 3

Admiring art is not only an emotional, but an intellectual experience as well. The third volume is an interdisciplinary exhibition of truly influential visual content. These real cases are for you to better understand how powerful colors truly are.

Ray will teach and amaze you. Providing a space, from which every person can freely learn about colors, how they affect us and how they can be used, will inspire for a higher quality of our visual world.